Our expansive working bays allow us to complete your projects quickly and will enable you to get back to living your dreams. We know what it takes, and we’ll provide you with first-hand knowledge to successfully meet your needs and expectations to live your life with your requirements.

We provide installations on RVs, vans, food trucks, boats and more.

Panels being insalled on the roof of an RV

Solar panel mounting

We will mount your solar panels on the roof and use a variety of techniques that best fit your design and expected use with careful consideration of roof construction and layout. We can either run wires from the roof to join with a charge controller at the battery bank or utilize a prewired setup. Every installation is custom, and every customer's needs are different. 


Inverter/Charger installation

Utilizing best practices, we install single or multiple inverters and configure them for the most effective use. Careful consideration will be given to wire sizing and layout to enhance safety and efficiency.


Battery upgrade or replacement

From a single battery to a large group of batteries for long-lasting off-grid capability, we will mount them in the most effective location accommodating for required venting or temperature control necessary for individual battery chemistries. We fabricate all the necessary cabling onsite to ensure proper fit and reduce overall cost.

Panels Up Solar

DIY consulting services

Are you looking to build your system yourself? We offer reasonably priced DIY classes taught in-house and offer one on one consulting for an hourly fee. Visit our events tab for more information on upcoming classes.

Customized solutions

Our experts will find exactly what you need for all your off-grid mobile energy needs. 

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