VoltGo Elite Series 25.6V 200Ah LiFePO₄ Battery


The Voltgo 25.6v lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery modules are meticulously crafted for diverse applications. Housed in a 24/7 usable ABS shell, they feature an integrated intelligent Battery Management System (BMS), which provides significant advantages in terms of safety, cycle life, balancing, and smart control.


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Voltgo’s Elite 5120 series lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery modules are specially designed for multiple applications. They adopt an ABS shell that can be used 24/7. The battery modules integrate intelligent BMS inside, which offers great advantages in terms of safety, cycle life, balancing, and smart control.

[Simple Installation] Specially designed mounting brackets allow for simple installation without the need for specialized tools or equipment. Multiple batteries can also be securely fastened together to expand the capacity of your mobile power system flexibly.

[Low Temperature Heating] All our multipurpose batteries can be heated when connected to external power to ensure normal operation and charging in temperatures as low as—20°C (-5°F).

[Bluetooth] Our mobile app allows you to Connect to your battery via Bluetooth and continuously monitor its charging status, temperature, and health in real-time.

[IP65] Ensure peace of mind during your next fishing or water sports adventure. Our batteries are entirely IP65 protected against dust and offer significant protection against water splashes and sprays, making them suitable for nearly any application.

[Detachable Design] The detachable design ensures good battery maintainability and avoids damage to the case during possible repairs. (Repair requires trained engineers and professional equipment, and non-professional operation may result in a lower IP protection rating, ultimately affecting your product warranty.)

[Reliable BMS] Our intelligent BMS (battery management system) provides always-on short-circuit protection, over/under-voltage prevention, and temperature monitoring.

[Smart Balancing] Our built-in balancing circuits extend your battery’s operating lifespan by ensuring all battery cells are used equally.

[Parallel Connection] VoltGo Elite Series 25.6V 200Ah LiFePO₄ Battery can be connected in parallel with a maximum of 16 batteries.

Size:18.11*12.6*9.72 in