Victron Skylla-IP65 24/35(1+1) 120-240v | SKU SKY024035000


Programmable high power 24-volt battery charger with one main output and one aux output

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This is a powerful, waterproof, and intelligent battery charger with a 7-stage adaptive charge algorithm, suitable for a wide range of battery types and chemistries. It features a dedicated Lithium-ion charge algorithm, Universal input voltage and an IP 65 waterproof rating. A remote panel is available. This charger can interface with the Cerbo GX.
  • Universal 120-240 volt input
  • Powerful 35 amp 24-volt output
  • 7-stage adaptive charge profile
  • Presets for all common battery types, including lithium
  • Fully programmable using included display
  • One total output and one trickle charge output
  • IP 65 waterproof
  • VE Can port to connect to Cerbo GX