Victron Quattro 12/5000/220-100/100 120V Charger | SKU QUA125021100


  • Victron Energy Quattro 12-Volt 5000VA 220 amp is a combined 120V inverter and battery charger, additionally it can be connected to two independent AC sources
  • In the event of grid failure, Victron Energy Quattro takes over the supply to the connected loads. This happens so fast that computers and other electronic equipment will continue to operate
  • With the unique Power Assist feature Victron Energy Quattro will prevent overload of a limited AC source, such as a generator or shore power connection
  • Up to 6 Victron Energy Quattros can operate in parallel to achieve virtually unlimited power, three phase or split phase operations are also possible
  • When coupled with a Victron Energy GX device (Sold separately) you can monitor and control your Victron Energy Quattro and system remotely via the internet from anywhere in the world
  • Quattro 12/5000/220-100/100 120V Inverter/Charger
  • Pure Sine Wave
  • 12 vdc
  • 5000 Watt Continous
  • 10000 Watt Surge
  • 90-140 vac Input
  • 120 vac Output
  • Can be Paralleled
  • Three Phase Capability
  • Split Phase Options
  • Power Asist
  • Two AC Inputs
  • Two AC Outputs
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QUA125021100 Quattro 12/5000/220 Inverter Charger 120 Volt AC, 12 Volt DC