Victron MEGA-fuse


Victron Mega fuses uses are used to protect the wire incase of an accidental short. Components will list a recommended fuse size to accommodate the load expectations but wire size is also a consideration to properly size the fuse. These Mega fuses come in a variety of amperage sizes and are properly sized to fit the Lynx Distributor and other mounting solutions.


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Fuses and Breakers Size

60A/32V (Pack of 5), 80A/32V (Pack of 5), 100A/32V (Pack of 5), 125A/32V (Pack of 5), 150A/32V Pack of 5), 175A/32V (Pack of 5), 200A/32V Pack of 5), 225A/32V (Pack of 5), 250A/32V (Pack of 5), 250A/58V for 48V (Pack of 1), 300A/32V (Pack of 5), 300A/58V for 48V (Pack of 1), 400A/32V (Pack of 5), 500A/32v (Pack of 5)