Victron Energy BMV-712 Smart Battery Monitor with Bluetooth | BAM030712000R


BMV Battery Monitor The BMV Battery Monitor features an advanced microprocessor control system combined with high resolution measuring systems for battery voltage and charge/discharge current. Besides this, the software includes complex calculation algorithms to exactly determine the state of charge of the battery. The BMV selectively displays battery voltage, current, consumed Ah or time to go. The monitor also stores a host of data regarding performance and use of the battery

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  • The BMV-712 measures battery voltage, current, power, ampere-hours consumed and state of charge with the additional feature of measuring a second battery bank
  • Displays time remaining at the current rate of discharge
  • Programmable visual and audible alarm
  • Programmable relay, to turn off non critical loads or to run a generator when needed
  • 500 Amp quick connect shunt with 10 meter cable and connection kit
  • Shunt selection capability up to 10,000 Amps
  • VE.Direct communication port
  • Stores a wide range of historical events, which can be used to evaluate usage patterns and battery health
  • Wide input voltage range from 6.5 to 95 V
  • High current measurement resolution: 10 mA (0,01A)
  • Low current consumption: 2.9 Ah per month (4 mA) @12V and 2.2 Ah per month (3mA) @ 24V
  • An additional input which can be programmed to measure the voltage (of a second battery), temperature, or midpoint voltage
  • Midpoint voltage monitoring capable to monitor large and expensive battery banks