VE.Bus Smart dongle


System Control and Monitoring:VE.Bus Smart dongle

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ASS030537010 VE.Bus Smart dongle

Introducing the VE.Bus Smart Dongle

The VE.Bus Smart dongle is a versatile device with a dual purpose:

1. Bluetooth Connectivity: As a Bluetooth accessory, it seamlessly integrates with our inverter/chargers, including Multis, MultiPlusses, MultiPlus-II, MultiGrid, MultiGrid-II, Quattros, and Phoenix Inverters equipped with a VE.Bus port. Utilize the VictronConnect App to monitor system operation and take control with ease. Adjust the input current limit and switch between Off, On, and Charger-only modes, all from your mobile device.

2. Voltage and Temperature Sensing: Beyond its Bluetooth capabilities, it is a reliable Voltage- and Temperature-sensing device compatible with all inverter/charger models.

Ideal for monitoring in caravans, smaller yachts, and motor homes, the VE.Bus Smart Dongle offers a practical solution when the Color Control GX or Venus GX may be more than is needed. It provides an Instant Readout feature, directly displaying essential inverter/charger data on the VictronConnect device list page. This includes clear visual notifications for warnings, alarms, and errors, enabling convenient at-a-glance diagnostics.

Elevate your monitoring and control capabilities with the VE.Bus Smart Dongle, is designed to simplify and enhance your power system management.