Lithium Battery Isolation Manager


When making the conversion from lead acid to Lithium batteries in your RV or truck, you need to make sure that you protect the alternator from being run at 100% output for an extended period of time. This battery isolation manager will make sure that the alternator is given a chance to cool. The internal circuit control monitors the Lithium batteries protecting them from overcharging them as well.


  • Under normal charging conditions, the BIM will connect for 15 minutes every 35 minutes. That means that the BIM will connect for 15 minutes, disconnect for 20 minutes, and repeat this cycle until the coach battery is charged.
  • If the coach battery resting voltage exceeds 13.4V than the BIM will disconnect. A resting voltage greater than 13.4V indicates a fully charged battery. Note that “resting voltage” means that no current is flowing to the coach battery.
  • The BIM will disconnect if the alternator voltage exceeds 14.4V. This protects the coach battery from over charging.
  • The BIM will disconnect if the voltage difference between the alternator and the coach battery is less than 0.1V. If the voltage difference is too low, then there is a negligible charging current, and no need to connect to the coach battery
  • The BIM will disconnect if the alternator voltage drops below 13.3V. If the alternator voltage is too low, than it cannot adequately charge the coach battery, so there is no reason to connect.