Micro-Air EasyStart RV & Marine Air Conditioner Soft Start, 115 volt | SKU: ASY-364-X20-IP


  • Designed for use in 115 Volt 50/60 Hz applications
  • Supports Marine Air Conditioning Units ranging in size from 9K BTU to 20K BTU
  • Includes a 40-inch harness
  • The enclosure is IP65-rated and measures 7.64 In. Long x 3.58 In. Wide x 2.5 In. High
  • Delivers 65-75% start current reduction as compared to a compressor’s LRA (locked-rotor amperage)
  • Easy Start divides the starting load, which reduces the starting current by 65%-75% as compared to a compressor’s LRA (locked-rotor amperage)
  • Supplies power to the fans/blower first and the compressor second, which greatly reduces the initial power surge
  • The reduction in startup current can allow a user to run two AC units on one 30 Amp cord (Easy start required for each unit)
  • Adding the Easy Start can allow users to add additional AC units to their vessel without upsizing the generator.
  • Compatible with Pure or Modified Sine Inverters
  • Integrated Short Cycle Prevention
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Help reduce the startup current of your air conditioner, reducing strain on your RV’s power system both on and off-grid. Available and in stock!

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