400w Solar Panels Brand New | Half Cell Monocrystalline


400w Residential Solar Panels – Efficient, durable, and stylish. High-energy output, easy installation, 25-year warranty. See data sheet and more information below


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Features & Benefits

  • Sleek black frame and uniform appearance that integrates seamlessly with asphalt shingles
  • Easy design and permitting using industry leading software. Designed for fast installation by shingle roofing crews. Installed directly on roof sheathing using standard deck screws.
  • Market-leading impact and wind resistance for solar shingles with a wind speed rating of 110 mph. Rated to be installed in any wind zone including Florida’s high velocity hurricane zone.
  • Warranty: 25 years.
  • Local pickup available. Shipping has a minimum order of 10, actual shipping cost and a palletizing fee applies.
  • We do not install residential solar. However, we can assist you with your DIY installation including consultation and design assistance.