What is the process of an install with Panels Up Solar?

  • We start by asking you to fill out our Quote Request Form. It helps us determine your needs and allows us give you a more accurate quote. 
  • Once we have your quote completed, we will email that to you. We also like to call you to answer any questions you might have and fine-tune the quote, as sometimes we have a few extra questions too. That is optional but highly recommended.
  • Once you accept the quote, we will collect a deposit for the parts and materials only.
  • Once the deposit is collected, that is when a mutually agreed-upon calendar installation date is confirmed.
  • We will meet with you when you arrive to review any last-minute questions. We ask that you arrive no later than 9 am on your installation date. Arriving the night before is recommended and can be arranged as well. 
  • During the time your RV is here, we will send you pictures through text of the progress (optional)
  • Once your installation is complete, we do a complete walk-thru of your system to educate you on how everything works (Can last 2+ hours, depending on your prior knowledge).
  • We then collect the remainder of the installation fees, including the labor portion and any incidentals.
  • We have an area for you to stay in (dry camping) after your installation if you wish. Sometimes the next morning will bring a few more questions, and we highly recommend staying, but it is optional.

How long does my installation take?

A typical installation can take 4-8 days, depending on your installation. We will let you know how long your rig will be here during the quoting process. 

Can I stay in my RV during the installation?

Unfortunately, we can not allow you to stay in your RV during the installation. The inconvenience of your rig not having power at times and the restrictions of our business insurance just doesn't allow for it. However, we have many great places to stay in our area, many of which are pet friendly. Please ask us for recommendations. 

Do I have to empty my refrigerator?

It depends on the installation you are getting. During some installations, your refrigerator will not have power. 

What forms of payments do you accept?

We accept all forms of payment. Checks, cash, credit cards, and bank ACH transfers. If you use a credit card, a 2.9% surcharge is applied. No fees are applied to any other form of payment. 

Does my install qualify for the solar tax credit?

You may qualify for the solar tax credit if your RV is your full-time residence. Even in some instances, depending on how many months you travel, you may still qualify even if it's not your full-time residence. Definitely check it out! Click here for more information.

Do I have to have an Easy Start installed on my AC unit to run my air conditioner?

No, but it is highly recommended.

Is Panels Up Solar also an RV repair facility?

We are not a typical RV repair facility. If you need anything outside the scope of solar and energy installation, we won’t be able to help you. However, if you are having an issue with any of your solar components, we may be able to help. We always recommend returning to the dealer from which you purchased your solar components to get any warranty work done. However, give us a call to discuss.

I want to do my own installation. Do you offer DIY classes?

Yes! A few times a year, we offer a very informative DIY class. If you want to install your own solar and want to learn the basics of setting up the right solar for your needs, we can help! Join us for a weekend of learning and fun. Bring your RV, Motorhome, Van, or Travel Trailer, and let us host you in our locked compound by our shop. This will be a dry camping event (no hook-up). This is only instructional, and no active installation will occur.

Do you offer private consultations for a DIY project?

Yes! We offer several different packages. Please contact us for prices.

Can I assist/watch you during my installation?

Unfortunately not. Our insurance doesn’t allow customers in the work area of our shop. However, as stated above in our process, we send pictures to you several times during the installation, so you can see what's happening. 

Do you install solar on residential homes?

We do not install on any residential properties yet. Between the permitting and zoning, it's a bit more red tape than we want to go through.  However, we can supply components for any size residential job, and we have (in stock) and sell residential solar panels. 

I purchased my own parts. Can I bring them in for you to install?

We often get this question, and unfortunately, we can not install parts we do not sell. The reason for this is strictly a warranty issue. If we install parts you bring in, and a month later you start having problems, we could spend hours troubleshooting issues only to find out its parts we didn’t sell to you and therefore can’t provide a warranty on. We often use the analogy that if you bring your own steak to your local steakhouse, and it’s not cooked the way you want it, who’s fault is that? Was it something the chef did wrong, or was something wrong with your streak? Another example is when you take your vehicle in to get repaired; you aren’t able to bring your own parts into the dealership. It really is the same concept. There is one exception to all this. We have an agreement with Battle Born Batteries. If you have purchased items directly from Battle Born Batteries within 120 days and can provide us with a receipt, we will install those parts purchased directly from them. Please contact us for more information on this.

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