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For RV’s, Boats, Vans, Food Trucks, & More


Mobile Comfort

We deliver value to the customers by selling, designing, installing, and supporting off-grid energy systems that make the transition from home to outdoor use vehicles as seamless as possible.


Reduce Fuel Costs

With high gas prices, our company will save you money by designing a system that is tailored to the electrical needs of the customer to minimize the use of a generator.

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Back Up Power

Use of batteries allow for reliable back up power when the lights go out, without using a generator. A great solution for fishing and hunting camps!

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From panels to batteries and all your inverter requirements, we have what you need to complete your DIY project or have us do the installation for you. Our expansive working bays allow us to complete your project quickly and allow you to get back out living your dreams. We provide services on RVs, vans, food trucks, boats, and more.


Anyone can sell you an off-grid solar system. But we answer the questions you didn’t know you needed to ask. We won’t just sell you any system. We currently live and have traveled full-time for over six years in our RV. We know what it takes and we’ll provide you with first-hand knowledge to successfully meet your needs and expectations to live your life with your own individual requirements.

Panels Up Solar



Full Energy Solutions

 We install a full system designed around your needs and expectations. Including batteries, inverters, solar panels and more. We provide quality products to fit your budget and needs using modern chemistries.


Solar Panel Mounting

We install solar panels on your RV roof, boat, food trucks and more. Resourcing from quality manufactures allows us to achieve the best panel density for your off-grid, and mobile needs.


Inverter/ Charger Installation

We install single or multiple inverters and configure for the most effective use. Properly sizing and installing the right inverter is fundamental in achieving your system goals. Our products range from basic to “friend envy”.


DIY Supplier

Panels Up Solar has everything you need for your off-grid DIY projects. We carry a wide variety of energy solution parts and can assist in consulting for your DIY project.

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We only recommend the off-grid and energy solutions, systems, and practices we would use and install in our own RV and are built to last, safe and efficient.

Veteran Owned and Family Operated
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Bringing You Custom Energy Solutions So You Can Live Life on Your Terms


Tom Ardisson
Tom Ardisson
I learned about Panels Up Solar being a Harvest Host site. I needed a place to stay and needed a disconnect installed for my solar panel. Once I was approved to stay, I inquired if it would be possible to have the disconnect installed. Stacy checked with Justin who had a few questions about what he would be working with. After finding out, he said it seemed like something he could fit into his schedule while I was there, but wanted to get eyes on it before totally committing. That was very reasonable. Shortly after I arrived he was able to see what he had to work with, explained what needed to be done, asked it I had a preference to where the disconnect would go, then got to work and quickly completed the job. He had the prior work experience to be doing solar installs and they had 6 years full timing, so know what is needed to have a functional system. Justin and Stacy are great people to work with and I will use them if I decide to do any upgrades. Thank you Stacey and Justin for a job well done and for being great hosts.
Jay Albert
Jay Albert
Very professional. Excellent work. Trustworthy people. Glad to recommend to anyone wanting quality work at reasonable prices.
Sam Hummelstein
Sam Hummelstein
Justin and Stacy went out of their way to make sure we had a good experience. Their Harvest Host site was perfect for getting to know our new system. After realizing we needed knowledgeable and experienced help to maximize the capabilities of our dealer installed LiFePO4 batteries, Justin’s evaluation and subsequent installation gave us what we wanted. He took us from a factory installed mixed vendor set up with little integration to a fully integrated Victron system that will support several days of continuous boon-docking without ever firing up the generator. 100% satisfied.
Debbie Marr-Leisy
Debbie Marr-Leisy
My husband and I are from California and had been wanting to replace the 2 AGM batteries in our Class B campervan with lithium for several years, but kept getting conflicting advice about the complexity of doing so. We were in Alabama on an extended roadtrip and started looking into the issue again because the AGMs were needing replacement. We thought we might be able to find a lithium battery expert in Dallas some other major city. But lo and behold, when we Googled for an installer, we found Panels Up Solar in Laurel MS, 6 hours away from where we were staying. We gave Justin a call and he just happened to have a cancellation so he could look at our rig the next day. He was very prompt and professional in his response which gave us a lot of confidence in his ability to assess our situation. We drove over the next day, he assessed our needs with a lot of thoughtful questions, had the needed parts on hand and did the installation the next day. Now, instead of two 12V AGMs, (approx 160 AH) we have one 12.8V 200 AH lithium battery with an app that lets us know the level of charge, voltage, current output and battery temperature. And all this is integrated with our preexisting photovoltaic system and a new smart solar controller (with its own app). Boy, were we flying blind before! Thanks to Justin, this new battery/solar setup gives us much more confidence in managing the energy use and generation in our rig. It has been a week of daily use since the installation was done and all continues to work perfectly. Thank you Justin for your patience with all our questions, your professionalism with the assessment and installation, and for just being an all around nice guy who was a joy to get to know. My husband an I HIGHLY recommend Panels Up Solar for any off-grid energy requirements.
RC Roberts
RC Roberts
I have to add to my review, as I recently had a devastating experience with my new Victron inverter. Our son and his wife came to our RV to visit us in January. While there, he went to use the toilet, and when he finished and came back to join the conversation, I neglected to check to make sure the valve had shut off. I know mine sticks open, but the conversation was lively and I put it off, then forgot about it. About an hour and a half later, the power went out. I assumed it was a tripped breaker and rushed to the bedroom to the electric panel to check. Son followed. While I was laid out on the bed with a flashlight looking at the circuit breakers, son yelled. There's water running on the floor here, he yelled. I hadn't noticed in my rush to get to the elec panel. I opened the bathroom door to see water pouring over the top of the toilet. I told him to step on the flush lever as I rushed outside to the wet bay. Opening the bay door and pulling the black tank lever as fast as I could. Returning to the MH, water was still running down the hall into the bedroom. I went out and opened the battery and the inverter bay doors. The battery bay was dry. The inverter bay, however, was a different story. A 2 foot wide flood of water was pouring out of the seam, directly on top of my new Victron inverter. It's bolted in, so no chance of moving it out of the flow, not to mention it was too late for that. I switched off the breaker for the inverter circuit, and the next morning the flow was done to a drip. I disconnected all connections, AC and DC, and unbolted the inverter. Once on the picnic table, I removed the cover. it was full of water. I tipped it upside down and the next day sprayed it with what I thought was WD-40. Turned out it was WD-40 Silicon spray. Went to the store for some elec circuit cleaner. Spayed it, soaked it, with cleaner. Allowed to drain and dry. Repeat, and repeat, and then repeat again. After drying in the hot Florida son for the day, I began to re-install. Started with just the AC in line. Turned on breaker, power into inverter, no issues or smoke. Great beginning. One cable at a time, kept checking OK. Finally, all cables and wires connected to the inverter, all cables and wires connected to the batteries. Turn on circuit breakers and battery cut-offs. No smoke or heat from inverter, batteries, or circuit breakers. All AC and DC components in RV fully functional. Now. a month later, no lasting side effects from completely submerging my Victron inverter in water while fully powered on and functioning. I DO NOT RECCOMEND trying this at home! Thanks for your help and advice, Justin, while I dealt with this. Great place! One of the owners, Justin, met me at the shop after I called them. I explained my issue and my desire to replace my 25 year old inverter on my MH. He explained the different choices, why one would be better for my needs than another, and I was surprised when he suggested I buy the least expensive model he had and not the most expensive, and why I didn't need the bigger units. He took a lot of time explaining the functionality of the inverter, what it would and wouldn't do. He was missing a component needed to setup the unit, called and had it brought to the shop from a job site, and completely setup the unit, along with the blue tooth monitor for the phone app. No wires to run into the cab for remote monitoring. Awesome. Since I'm old(er) and move slow, it took me about three hours to remove the dead inverter and install the new Victron MultiPlus. It's nice to have a reliable electrical system in my Coach again. We originally visited Laurel, MS in hopes of maybe meeting Ben and Erin of HomeTown, which didn't happen. But after loosing all electric in the coach, we're much happier about meeting Justin at Panels Up Solar than we are disappointed in not meeting the dynamic duo, Ben and Erin. We'll be returning to Laurel next year, and I hope to be able to get Justin to add solar power to our old Monaco. Thanks again, Justin. Panels Up Solar is definitely a 5 Star business.
Wayne Atkins
Wayne Atkins
Wow!!! What a great experience. Justin and Stacy are amazing to work with. Very professional and knowledgeable. We are extremely pleased with the solar panel and inverter install on our 2020 Tiffin 33aa. It looks like it came from the factory.
Mike Kilgore
Mike Kilgore
Justin and Stacy are very knowledgeable about their services and the engineering involved with solar installation. I was quite impressed by the attention to detail they provided with their services. Justin replaced some factory components with Victron components. He made suggestions and with my consent, he even completed some detail work for future installations when we are ready to upgrade. Justin was able to get this job finished and even had to work overtime to finish our project, but it was all done in a very timely manner. I am very pleased with his work. I would recommend Justin and Stacy at Panels Up for any solar upgrades to any unit.
Phil B
Phil B
Good folks. Diagnosed something that had alluded us since we had done the install. Highly recommended.
Bob Pohli
Bob Pohli
Justin did an amazing job explaining our existing Solar install and checking it thoroughly before installing an upgrade so we can better monitor our system and understand what we are seeing. We had to reschedule our initial appointment and Stacy took good care of us with a promise, and delivery, of excellent service! Thanks for everything and next time we are in town we will take advantage of your Harvest Host site 😁
Patty C
Patty C
They were very friendly and knowledgeable. I really appreciate Justin fitting us in.